John Kluchka is an abstract artist and photographer in Minneapolis known for meditative color-field work on metal, acrylic, paper and other mixed-media.
John’s artwork practice is built around his observation of digital culture and it’s layers of influence, attachment to image, normalization of image manipulations, and the blurry abstractions that emerge from a daunting volume of visual stimulus.  It’s also a critical statement of the value we can gather from the current digital reality by transforming any visual input into an artistic experience that returns us to calm introspection. 
The resulting visual experience is intended to inspire meditation that breathes clarity and calm into our tortured wellness.  Our hyper-real visual expectations are challenged, cognitive spaces are cleared of static and distraction. 
Artistically, John is transforming our digital visual reality into a meditative practice that turns us away from representation to create agency for the bigger picture that each one of us has within us.  The visual architecture is intentionally different for each viewer, John believes we can use these transformations to grow and build stronger wellness foundations that may have previously been unachievable. 
As individual works became collections, and collections became a catalog of work spanning wide ranges of color and emotion, John termed the resulting work as Abstract Meditation - inspired by Metta Meditation and a reflection on the intensive creative process (and math) behind each piece.   As examples of modern Minimalism, Abstract, Non-Objective or Op art, the work is at home in commercial, hospitality, exposition, residential, therapeutic and mindfulness settings. Abstract Meditation pieces are also well-suited to textiles, wallpapers, weavings, rugs, and of course framed as fine artwork. is home to the Abstract Meditation Catalog where you can browse and purchase by contacting John by email:  You'll also find John's more traditional photography showcased.  
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