Now on view - Kensho @ Brookview by John Kluchka. This is a solo exhibition of six 1-of-1 works from the Kensho collection at a larger scale than is available online with custom silver aluminum float frames. Additionally, 12 sketches of work from all of the Abstract Meditation collections in their early form are exhibited.

3D Gallery Link

Email [email protected] to purchase one of these six works. Local Minneapolis delivery or national shipping available.
JKL Kensho Brookview-112JKL Kensho Brookview-128JKL Kensho Brookview-119JKL Kensho Brookview-118JKL Kensho Brookview-117JKL Kensho Brookview-116JKL Kensho Brookview-115JKL Kensho Brookview-114JKL Kensho Brookview-124JKL Kensho Brookview-130JKL Kensho Brookview-101JKL Kensho Brookview-123JKL Kensho Brookview-109JKL Kensho Brookview-122JKL Kensho Brookview-110JKL Kensho Brookview-121JKL Kensho Brookview-111JKL Kensho Brookview-125JKL Kensho Brookview-113JKL Kensho Brookview-126