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This solo exhibition showcases six "1-of-1" works from John Kluchka's Kensho collection. These are produced using John's signature Meta Composition process that creates the finished Abstract Meditation work. These are packaged with a silver aluminum float frame with ready-to-hang rails.
Additionally, 12 early sketches of work from the Abstract Meditation collections are exhibited.

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Email [email protected] to purchase one of these six works. Prices range from $900-$1,100. Local Minneapolis delivery or national shipping available.
JKL Kensho Brookview-112JKL Kensho Brookview-124JKL Kensho Brookview-128JKL Kensho Brookview-126JKL Kensho Brookview-119JKL Kensho Brookview-118JKL Kensho Brookview-123JKL Kensho Brookview-117JKL Kensho Brookview-122JKL Kensho Brookview-116JKL Kensho Brookview-121JKL Kensho Brookview-115JKL Kensho Brookview-114JKL Kensho Brookview-113JKL Kensho Brookview-101JKL Kensho Brookview-110JKL Kensho Brookview-103JKL Kensho Brookview-105JKL Kensho Brookview-108